Things They Do Not Want You To Know About Marketing

What Actual Marketing is?

This article will give you complete insights into marketing. How to do it and what are the things to keep in mind while marketing. This article will learn about 5 things that you should know about marketing. This article will be helpful for beginners, professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

Marketing does not only mean selling your product to the customer it is more than it. It is emotions that the customer will buy from you. The more you connect with them emotionally, the more they will trust you and start buying your product. Many people say that marketing is an art you have to be very creative to do marketing but there is a science behind it.

Marketing is about human psychology and perception. Different people have different perceptions about the product from different angles. Marketing is not only done when the product already exists. Marketing starts before the product is created. Marketing makes a perspective about the product according to the customer’s needs. You have to keep showing up in front of people regularly, if you don’t they will forget you.

Marketing and selling are must-have skills for everyone. if have these skills you will never feel insecure about your job. As well as good communication is also a skill that everyone should have. Good communication means not only speaking in English fluently, but it is also how you can share your thoughts with other people easily and transfer your message in an easy way. And if you want to do that then you have to write and write as you talk. And writing will help you to get clarity of your thoughts so that you will be able to speak with more clarity. So write as much as you can and clarify your thoughts.

The Fundamentals of Marketing:

Marketing is about sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Marketing is not only done for the product which exists. Marketing starts before the product is created which fits customer needs. Marketing makes a perception about the product in the customer’s mind whether the product fulfills his requirement or not. If the product has value and fulfills the needs of the customer it will sell by itself you don’t need to market it.

Marketing is not just about selling. It is also about keeping existing customers happy by being in contact with them so that they will buy from you repeatedly. The purpose of marketing is to build brand and trust with the targeted audience. Never let the marketing become more important than the product. Advertising, Copywriting, and Sales are the components of marketing.

Traditional Vs Digital Marketing:

The difference between traditional and digital marketing is-

If the product is generic then Tv ads can work better and at a low cost.

But Tv has a low reach than digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is the best medium to reach an audience that has more potential customers with more spending power.

Back then marketing is done through radio and newspapers. But now the scenario is changed everybody is now on social media than these traditional mediums.

In traditional marketing, you cannot personalize the marketing according to the customer. You cannot do deep marketing. These are drawbacks of traditional marketing.

CATT Marketing Funnel:

So what is the CATT marketing funnel I get to learn about this from Deepak Kanakaraju one of the top digital marketers in India.

So the formula is, Wealth=n^CATT

where n = Niche

C= Content

A = Attention

T =Trust

T = Transaction

Content: When you create content it gets in front of the people and they get to know about you and your product and the content will help them and provide value to them like blogs, videos, Social media posts, etc.

Attention: When you create content you drive traffic to it. It grabs the attention of the audience by doing SEO, paid ads, etc.

Trust: When the audience engages with content it builds trust in the audience. they trust you.

And then the Transaction: The main step where the audience makes a transaction with you.

Integrated Digital Marketing:

So Integrated Digital Marketing revolves around your content. It includes Email marketing, Social Media, SEO, Paid Ads, and Sales & Conversion.

1) You create content send it to the Email list and drives traffic to it.

2) If You post content on social media new people will see it.

3) You do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to rank your content in the search engine to get in front of those who are searching about it.

4) You run Paid Ads to boost the content in front of the new audience.

5) And then finally the sales And conversion happen naturally

Personal Branding: Mass Trust Blueprint

Personal branding is important if you want to get successful in the market. People want to work with whom they know if people know you they will work with you. People get more curious to work with you when they hear about you and your brand from other people’s mouths instead of the brand itself.

You need to have your own story to make your identity in the market so that people can remember it easily. People identify the person rather than the company name. Just like People know Elon Musk before his company.

But having a personal brand there is a downside that it cannot be sold and invested in.

But there is Upside also having a personal brand can give rise to many brands because of his/her influence.

Your influence will help to grow the company or brand you run.

Now let’s talk about the Mass Trust Blueprint

Learn: You have to learn new skills through the facts, concepts, and procedures to be with the trend.

Work: Work on the skills and implement them in the real world for a better understanding. When you do it practically you will understand clearly what works and what does not.

Blogs: Write about what you have learned and experienced. Just like a case study of a client how they got the results through your services and it will help you to get more projects in the future.

Consult: When you get much experience by working with clients then you can start consulting for other businesses.

Mentor: Teach others who want to be like you or who want to build their life and get ahead in life.

Startup: Start your own product or service business to solve the problems of people’s life or business.

So this is all about this article.


Let’s summarize what we have seen in this article.

In the starting, we have seen What actual Marketing Is.

Marketing starts before the product is created.

The Fundamentals of Marketing.

Traditional vs. Digital Marketing.

CATT Marketing Funnel.

Integrated Digital Marketing.

And Lastly, we have seen Personal branding and Mass Trust Blueprint.

So let me in the comment section how do you like this article and what your thoughts are on it.

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